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简介座右铭用英文_座右铭用英文怎么说       好久不见,今天我想和大家探讨一下关于“座右铭用英文”的话题。如果你对这个领域还不太熟悉,那么这篇文章就是为你准备的,让我们一起来了解一下吧。1.经典的英文座






4.经典座右铭英语:Sow nothing, reap nothing





       who really silent demise.

       A tiny great dream.?

       Reading for the rise of the Chinese.?

       No firm execution, any oral commitment and heart dream is pale.

       1、who really silent demise.谁真的甘于无声的消亡。

       2、A tiny great dream. 有梦想的人渺小却伟大。

       3、The world is very big, at your feet, brave to express.?世界很大,在你脚下,勇敢去表达。

       4、No firm execution, any oral commitment and heart dream is pale.没有坚定的执行力,任何口头承诺和心头梦想都是苍白无力的。

       5、Reading for the rise of the Chinese. 为中华之崛起而读书。

       6、Books are the ladder of human progress.书籍是人类进步的阶梯。

       7、The lamp of life for enthusiasm and lit, the boat of life because of hard and move on. 生命之灯因热情而点燃,生命之舟因拼搏而前行。

       8、People don't give up the world of the heart, more to hold in the hands of the world.人不能放弃心中的世界,更要握紧手中的世界。



       英文:motto; maxim

       Caution has been one of Mr Allan's watchwords.


       Moderation in all things is my motto.


       " Think before you speak " is a good motto.

       “ 三思而后言 ” 是句良好的座右铭.




       复数 mot.toes或 mot.tos

       A brief statement used to express a principle, a goal, or an ideal.See Synonyms at saying

       格言:用于表达一种原则、一个目标或一种理想的简短的陈述参见 saying

       A sentence, phrase, or word of appropriate character inscribed on or attached to an object.


       A maxim adopted as a guide to one's conduct.


经典座右铭英语:Sow nothing, reap nothing



       座右铭[zuò yòu míng]


       motto ; maxim


       网 络motto;maxim;mottoes;DJ-ReM vs DjChi



       My motto is: `Live each day as it es.'


       Humbleness is his motto of life.


       This motto can make you confident.


       You want to know my life motto?



       The utility model relates to a technology clock with a motto card.


       Being humble is his life motto.


       Humility is his credo of life.


       Stick this motto on the wall where we can all see.


       This is a war of life to the weathered old motto of my life.


       My motto in life is to be humble and to endlessly persist and strive.

       1. Caution has been one of Mr Allan's watchwords. “小心谨慎”是艾伦先生的座右铭。

       2. Moderation in all things is my motto. 凡事有节制是我的座右铭.

       3. " Think before you speak " is a good motto. “ 三思而后言 ” 是句良好的座右铭.

       4. 'serve the people " is our motto. “ 为人民服务 ” 是我们的座右铭.

       5. The goal of Olympic athletes is expressed in their motto'swifter, higher,stronger. " 奥运会运动员的座右铭表明了他们的目标,那 就是 “更快 、 更高 、 更强有力 ”.

       6. There are those, of course, who would adopt the epicurean motto. 当然,有这样一些人奉行享乐主义的座右铭。

       7. He lived by his grandfather's motto: " History is bunk. " 他涉身处世是遵循着他祖父的座右铭; “ 历史是骗人的鬼话. ”

       8. Her motto is " Never say die ". 她的座右铭是 " 永不气馁 ".

       9. Who is the subscriber of that motto? 谁是那条座右铭的签字者?

       10. The regiment's motto was ` Death or Glory '. 该团队的座右铭是‘誓死争取荣誉 ’.

       11. Some one has subscribed a motto. 有人写下了一句座右铭.

       12. Discipline without regimentation was Miss Bulstrode's motto. 既注意纪律,又不造成一律化,这就是布林斯特罗德**的座右铭.

       13. The motto is, " Live and let live. " 座右铭是 “ 共生共荣 ”.

       14. The Olympic motto or slogan, one of the purposes of Olympic movement. 现行奥林匹克座右铭或口号, 系奥林匹克运动宗旨之一.

       15. Eat and exercise more - it long been the mantra extra pounds. 少吃点,多运动 -- 这一直是肥胖者的减肥“座右铭”.

       16. Sean Liang's motto is - Be Honest, Do Best. 梁昆贤律师的座右铭是:诚实做人, 认真做事.

       17. Air defense motto: shoot'em down; sort'em out on the ground. 防空座右铭: 先把飞机打下来, 再在地上区分敌友.

       18. Motto: everyone can get benefit and enjoyment in my class. 座右铭: 让每一个学生在我的课堂中有所收获并获得乐趣.

       19. I adopted the trainers'motto " It's never the animal s fault " 我接受了驯兽师的座右铭: “ 这决不是动物的错. ”

       20. Having adhered to its maxim, the bank has little to build on. 遵从它的座右铭, 美洲银行并没有多少基础.


        1、Im born to succeed.


        2、practice makes perfect.



        4、Grasp all, lose all.


        5、Look before you leap.


        6、No cross, no croes by experience.


        19、Failure is the mother of success.


        20、All things come to those e is he e great things.


        43、One today is ent, is the right man.


        56、Nothing is impossible for a e to me unless I go to it.


        67、Man struggles up by the follies of others.


        75、All things in their being are good for something.


        76、Nothing is difficult to the man ething of everything and everything of something.


        101、Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.


        102、Never deter till tomorroernity in an hour.

励志说说:Nothing is impossible!

        1、Nothing is impossible!


        2、If you fail, dont forget to learn your lesson.


        3、A man cant ride your back unless it is bent.


        4、Keep on going never give up.

        勇往直前, 决不放弃!

        5、A mans best friends are his ten fingers.


        6、The first step is as good as half over.


        7、Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.


        8、Never put off what you can do today until tomorrow.


        9、Do one thing at a time, and do well.


        10、Never say die.


带英文的励志说说:Nothing is impossible!

        1.If you don’t fight for e people are like dark clouds. plicated.生活一直都很简单,但是我们也一直都忍不住要把它变得很复杂。

        5.Emancipate urself from ur past. The only ebody else does, I guess you do have a problem. 如果你的快乐与否取决于别人做了什么,我想,你真的有点问题。

        14.Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad.与其伤心回忆,不如微笑遗忘。

        15.So orrow if you don’t stop thinking about yesterday. 如果你无法忘掉昨天,就不会有一个更好的明天。

        17.Nothing is impossible! 没有什么不可能!

        18.Never underestimate your power to change yourself! 永远不要低估你改变自我的能力!

        19.Memory is a wonderful thing if you dont have to deal with the past.回忆本来是非常美好的,只要你能让过去的都过去。

        20.Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.生活,就像骑单车。要保持平衡,就得不断往前走。

感人的情话,Without you,I am nothing.

        感人的情话,Without you,I am nothing.




        下辈子我要找寻世界每一个角落,我还要让你像现在一样得爱我,保护我,可以么? 你一定要答应我,因为我现在真得好怕有一天我会失去你,要是你走了,我要怎么办? 没有了水,鱼怎麽办? 没有了你,我怎麽办。?


        知道吗 你是世界上最幸运的人 因为你可以选择爱我或不爱我 但是我只能选择爱你或更爱你




        Without you,I am nothing.





       1. motto


       <maxim> <mottoes>


       1. “三思而后行”是我的座右铭。

       "Think before you act" is my motto.

       2. 我的座右铭是: ‘有一天过一天.’

       My motto is: `Live each day as it comes.'



       1、“待人宽如待己。”这就是我的座右铭。‘ Live and let live. ’ That's my motto.?

       2、“为人民服务”是我们的座右铭。“ Serve the people ” is our motto.?

       3、伊万的座右铭是:每个人都可以成为某人的超级英雄。Ewan has a motto: Everyone can be a superhero to someone.?

       4、有些年轻人称YOLO是自己的座右铭,演员扎克?埃夫隆还刺了一个该缩写的纹身。Some youth have said that it is their motto, and actor Zac Efron has a tattoo with the acronym.?

       5、谁是那条座右铭的签字者Who is the subscriber of that motto?

       6、我经常对你们说的一句话,同时也是我的座右铭:Losing is nothing,but learning is something!I often tell you my motto that losing is nothing, but learning is something.

       maxim; motto


       A maxim adopted as a guide to one's conduct.


       That is the slogan of the Olympics. It is also called the "motto".


       It's a maxim of wise man never to return by the same road he come.


       It 's a maxim of wise man never to return by the same road he comes.


       A piece of cloth bearing a motto or legend, as of a club.


       Jeff:That is the slogan of the Olympics. It is also called the "motto".


       "A teacher ought not to deal in politics" has long become a motto of the past.


       Do everything in moderation and nothing to excess was his motto for a happy and healthy life.


       This couplet from a poem by Lu Hsun should be our motto:Fierce-browed, I coolly defy a thousand pointing fingers,Head-bowed, like a willing ox I serve the children.