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简介设计自己的英文签名免费_设计自己的英文签名免费版       大家好,今天我来和大家聊一聊关于设计自己的英文签名免费的问题。在接下来的内容中,我会将我所了解的信息进行归纳整理,并与大家分享,让我们一起来看看吧。1.想要好的QQ英文







       ①The sadness of my soul is her bride's veil.

       It waits to be lifted in the night



       ②leave no trace of wings in the air,

       but I am glad I have had my flight.


       ③let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves


       ④If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars



       O Troupe of little vagrants of the world, leave your footprints in my



       ⑥Once we dreamt that we were strangers.

       We wake up to find that we were dear to each other.



       ⑦I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidental—like on a breeze.


       ⑧There’s no place like home.


       ⑨ If we are meant to meet again, then we will meet again.


       ⑩ Some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright.



        I love you not for who you are, but for who I am before you.


        Gone with the wind..

       13 不要着急,最好的总会在最不经意的时候出现。

        Don‘t try to hard,the best things come when you least expect them to.


        What you are you do not see, what you see is your shadow.


        I cannot choose the best. The best chooses me.


       That I exist is a perpetual surprise which is life


       The trees come up to my window like the yearning voice of the dumb earth.


       The bird wishes it were a cloud. The cloud wishes it were a bird.

       19: 忧思在我的心里平静下去,正如暮色降临在寂静的山林中。

       sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart like the evening among the silent trees

       20Don`t cry because it is over,smile because it happened.


       21:And forever has no end.








       If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other,then I wish we had never encountered.


       I would like weeping with the smile rather than repenting with the cry,when my heart is broken ,is it needed to fix?


       No one indebted for others,while many people don't know how to cherish others.

       4。命里有时钟需有 命里无时莫强求

       You will have it if it belongs to you,whereas you don't kvetch for it if it doesn't appear in your life.


       When a cigarette falls in love with a match,it is destined to be hurt.

       6。爱情…在指缝间承诺 指缝…。在爱情下交缠。

       Love ,promised between the fingers

       Finger rift,twisted in the love


       No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won’t make you cry.


       Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten.Alter what is changeable, and accept what is unchangeable.

       Love is like a butterfly. It goes where it pleases and it pleases where it goes.


       If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.


       Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.


       At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.


       Look into my eyes - you will see what you mean to me.


       Distance makes the hearts grow fonder.


       I need him like I need the air to breathe.


       If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me.


       Love is a vine that grows into our hearts.


       If I know what love is, it is because of you.


       Love is the greatest refreshment in life.


       Love never dies.


       The darkness is no darkness with thee.


       We cease loving ourselves if no one loves us.


       There is no remedy for love but to love more.


       When love is not madness, it is not love.


       A heart that loves is always young.


       Love is blind.


       1.A bad workman always blames his tools. 拙匠总怪工具差。

       2.A contented mind is a perpetual feast. 知足长乐。

       3.A good beginning is half the battle. 好的开端等于成功一半。

       4.A little pot is soon hot. 壶小易热,量小易怒。

       5.All lay loads on a willing horse. 好马重负。

       6.A merry heart goes all the way. 心情愉快,万事顺利 。

       7.Bad excuses are worse than none. 狡辩比不辩护还糟 。

       8.Character is the first and last word in the success circle.


       9.Cleanliness is next to godliness. 整洁近于美德 。

       10.Courtesy costs nothing. 彬彬有礼,惠而不费 。

       11.Doing nothing is doing ill. 无所事事,必干坏事。

       12.Early to bed, early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

       睡得早,起得早,聪明、富裕、身体好 。

       13.Empty vessels make the most noise. 满瓶子不响,半瓶子晃荡 。

       14.Every man hath his weak side. 人皆有弱点 。

       15.Everything ought to be beautiful in a human being: face, dress, soul and idea.


       16.Extremes are dangerous. 凡事走向极端是危险的 。

       17.Good advice is harsh to the ear. 忠言逆耳 。

       18.Grasp all, lose all. 欲尽得,必尽失 。

       19.Great hopes make great men. 伟大的理想造就伟大的人物。

       20.Handsome is he who does handsomely. 行为美者才真美。

       21.Have but few friends, though many acquaintances. 结交可广,知己宜少。

       22.Hear all parties.兼听则明,偏听则暗 。

       23.He is a wise man who speaks little. 智者寡言。

       24.He is not laughed at that laughs at himself first.


       25.He is rich enough that wants nothing.


       26.He is truly happy who makes others happy.


       27.Honesty is the best policy. 诚实乃上策。

       28.Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.? 抱最好的希望,作最坏的准备 。

       29.Idleness is the root of all evil. 懒惰是万恶之源 。

       30.If we dream, everything is possible. 敢于梦想,一切都将成为可能。

       31.Kind hearts are the gardens, kind thoughts are the roots, kind words are flowers and kind deeds are the fruits.


       32.Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep lone.

       欢笑,整个世界伴你欢笑。哭泣,只有你独自向隅而泣 。

       33.Life is measured by thought and action not by time.


       34.Life is not all beer and skittles. 人生并非尽是乐事 。

       35.Long absent, soon forgotten. 别久情疏 。

       36.Look before you leap. 三思而后行 。

       37.Lookers-on see most of the game. 旁观者清,当局者迷。

       38.Manners make the man.观其待人而知其人 。

       39.Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends. 患难识知交。

       40.No cross, no crown.没有苦难,就没有快乐 。

       41.Nobody's enemy but his own. 自寻苦恼 。

       42.One man's fault is another man's lesson. 前车之覆,后车之鉴 。

       43.Pardon all men, but never thyself. 严以律已,宽以待人。

       44.Reason is the guide and light of life. 理智是人生的灯塔 。

       45.Sadness and gladness succeed one another. 乐极生悲,苦尽甘来 。

       46.Still waters run deep.流静水深,人静心深 。

       47.The fire is the test of gold; adversity of strong men. 烈火炼真金,逆境炼壮士 。

       48.The fox may grow grey, but never good. 江山易改,本性难移 。

       49.The more a man learns, the more he sees his ignorance. 知识越广博,越感已无知 。

       50.Virtue is a jewel of great price. 美德是无价之宝 。

       51.Weak things united become strong. 一根筷子易折断,十根筷子硬如铁 。

       52.We can't judge a person by what he says but by what he does.

       判断一个人,不听言语看行动 。

       53.Where there is a will there is a way. 有志者,事竟成 。

       54.Will is power. 意志就是力量 。

       55.Wise men are silent; fools talk. 智者沉默寡言,愚者滔滔不绝 。

       56.Wise men learn by others' harm, fools by their own.





       stray birds of summer come to my window to sing and fly away.

       and yellow leaves of autumn, which have no songs, flutter and fall

       there with a sign.



       o troupe of little vagrants of the world, leave your footprints in my words.




       the world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover.

       it becomes small as one song, as one kiss of the eternal.



       it is the tears of the earth that keep here smiles in bloom.



       the mighty desert is burning for the love of a bladeof grass who

       shakes her head and laughs and flies away.



       if you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars.




       the sands in your way beg for your song and your movement, dancing

       water. will you carry the burden of their lameness?



       her wishful face haunts my dreams like the rain at night.




       once we dreamt that we were strangers.

       we wake up to find that we were dear to each other.



       sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart like the evening among

       the silent trees

       A star has 5 ends;

       A square has 4 ends;

       A triangle has 3 ends;

       A line has 2 ends;

       A life has one end.

       But I hope your happiness has no end.

       1. 记住该记住的,忘记该忘记的。改变能改变的,接受不能改变的。

       Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Alter what is changeable, and accept what is mutable.


       “You couldn’t see my tears cause I am in the water.” Fish said to water.

       “But I could feel your tears cause you are in my heart.” Answered water.


       Your life only lasts for a few decades, so be sure that you don't leave any regrets. Laugh or cry as you like, and it‘s meaningless to oppress yourself.

       4. 生命中,不断地有人进入或离开。于是,看见的,看不见了;记住的,遗忘了。生命中,不断地有得到和失落。于是,看不见的,看见了;遗忘的,记住了。然而,看不见的,是不是就等于不存在?记住的,是不是永远不会消失?

       There is someone that is coming or passing away in your life around the clock, so you may lose sight of those seen, and forget those remembered. There is gain and loss in your life, so you may catch sight of those unseen, and remember those forgotten. Nevertheless, doesn’t the unseen exist for sure? Will the remembered remain forever?

       5. 后悔是一种耗费精神的情绪。后悔是比损失更大的损失,比错误更大的错误。所以不要后悔。

       Penitence is something that enervates our spirit, causing a greater loss than the loss itself and making a bigger mistake than the mistake itself. So never regret.


        英文个性签名设计A smile, a beautiful memories下面是整理的关于免费设计的英文个性签名,欢迎阅读!



        No woman can "take" a man from you, unless he's willing to leave!


        Love is not a matter of counting the days. It's making the days count.


        Love a person too much,the heart will be drunk;Hate a person too long,the heart will be broken.


        Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.


        I loved you. I leave you. I?ll miss you.


        Love me little, love me long!


        Living today is blessing which we should treasure.


        We used to love each other.at the thought of which my heart breaks.


        You can't be wise and in love at the same time.


        Love isn't complicated.people are.


        You can't expect him to be perfect.nobody is.


        Everybody wants happiness.No one wants pain.But how can you make a rainbow without a little rain?


        If two past lovers can remain friends.it's either they were never in love or they still are.


        Sometimes you have to smile and act like everything is okay.hold back the tears and walk away.


        She is not even in his world but in her world he is the only one.Fair does not exist in this world.


        Miss you night and day, and I what to do


        Pay close attention to your hand that I rely on the most aggressive

        抓紧你的手 那是我最放肆的依赖

        If I see you next to never,how can we say forever.


        Has been lost again, better than never wounding more.


        If we give enough, if we learn to trust


        If you wander off too far, my love will get you home.

        如果你流浪 走得太远 我的爱能把你带回家

        Love is the whole history of a woman?s life; it is but an episode in a man?s


        Well, not that emotional, but I move the heart.


        What if I'm not brave,who will take the courage for me?


        Believe is one kind of love. For loving you, so I believe you


        Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad.


        A promise means everything. but once it is broken, sorry means nothing


        Love begins with a smile,grows with a kiss and ends with a tear.


        Never regret.If it?s good, it?s wonderful. If it?s bad, it?s experience.


        Take away love, and our earth is a tomb.


        Are there only to leave, you will never care about.


        Opens the full of trees,pear can never bears apple


        I only hope to have around you, you can warm my air.


        Whatever happened in the past is gone, the best is always yet to come.


        You cannot appreciate happiness unless you have known sadness too.


        We?d better struggle for the future rather than regret for the past.


        Only when our eyes have been washed by tears, can we have a broader field of vision.


        Falling in love with a town,it is probably because someone you love resides in it.


        Beauty gets the attention, but personality gets the heart.


        The best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else.


        Love is not the strong vow but the simple accompany.


        When I?m crying and someone hugs me, it makes me cry even more.


        Please don?t talk to me. I fall in love so easily.


        No matter how strong I will get,you are still my weakness.


        Bravely pursuing one's happiness,that's the inspiration of sun flowers.


        I admit that I'm tired, flagged tired, want to leave.


        The same can not withstand the ravages of time, emotion, to the time it will cool

        感情一样经不起时间的摧残 到时间就会凉

        their love left them indifferent to their surroundings; she was his first love.